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Hold a Sex Comics tournament. This can be a lot of fun for you and your gaming pals. You are able to either do this online, at your home or at a friend's place. Serve some fun snacks and get as many people as you can be involved. This is a excellent way to enjoy your game playing with friends I have never been one for watching animated or 3D CGI chicks gettingfucked by animated or 3D CGI dicks. This could be precisely the same reason I never got into Sex Comics... it's too far out of the real thing for my tastes. Therefore the next time you're in the mood to play Sex Comics, come here and you may be browsing through dozens of top quality Sex Comics, a lot of which you've never seen before in your life. The game industry is getting larger quicker than ever and Sex Comics are no exception: graphics are incredibly realistic, games are more interactive than ever, stories are breathtaking and AI is improving at a tremendous pace. There's never been a finer time to be an online gamer than right now! Should you love porno, video games and anime porn, afterward Sex Comics has everything you're looking for! Get ready to play the Sex Comics titles in the adult video game industry. Some of these Sex Comics stories are so kinky and super-naughty that you won't believe they were actually turned into games! Get a handle on all the hot Sex Comics activity right from your keyboard!

SEP-Marge Poker

21 December 18

Beautiful and busty Marjorie Jacqueline"Marge" Sympson is a regular character in the Simpsons animated series. She generallywears a green dress, red ballet flats, a necklace made of artificial pearls around her neck and rides an orange station wagon - invites you to play poker. Your goal is to leave Marge completely naked. So look at the game screen. Then place a bet. After that, the game will begin. Your goal is to collect a combination of cards higher than that of your rival. Then you win the round. As briefly as Marge runs out of currency, she will place a chunk of clothing on the line. At the conclusion of the game she will be completely naked. You want to see it? Then start playing at the moment.

MrPinku Halloween Off the hook

22 December 18

If you've played one of the earlier games by MrPinku prior to this one and did not think they were odd, why not to alter your mind following tonight's game when you play the Halween Special? The game incorporates some of the ideas from the past along with some new items that have not been made available, so even if your a long-time lover or Mr. Pinku is still a popular choice, you'll have a good impression from it. In all, the game contains five short, but certainly enjoyable and interesting stories, which are written in different genres. Of course, they'll have something in common, however this could be a spoiler for you, so you'll have to work it out on your own! Special guest star - Jill Valentine from "Resident Evil" videogame series.

Quickie: Halloween Off the hook (Public)

17 December 18

This particular episode of"Quickie" visual novel series is going to be quite special. Not only you will meet almost of all nymphs from other eprisodes but also you will find yourself in medieval times during epis venture with all these nymphs being important prats of your story. Now all that you need to do is to dive into this titillating escapade and get as many quckies on your way to glory as possible! Game's genre remains the same - it is visual publication only nowit will be more complex venture than usual because as it was already mentioned this is not just a special episode but additionally, it features all the key characters from different quckie-games brought to you by"Oppai Games" studio. More manga porn games you can always find on our website!

StripClick v0.01

23 December 18

Are you interested in gorgeous and cute anime smut girls? If so, you should begin participating in this interactive game with a hentai character right today. Therefore, you should explore the game screen. The screen shows a young beautiful and attractive woman. Naturally, she is adorned with a variety of clothing. Let's get her dressed. In order to do this, you need to click on her clothing with your mouse. After that, you will see the articles of clothing disappear. It is obvious that you will need to be completely naked to admire her massive curly tits and her pink cunt. After you have undressed one girl, you collect game coins which will be spent on enhancements. Now, you're in a position to undress another. After that, you can suck her up with her tight and spherical body. You're going to love it. Let's get started on our sexual adventure right now.

Touch and Tease Vol. 2

23 December 18

Hiishi Mamoru is one of your co-workers at the office and he is one handosme and strong man... which totally explains why he has beocme your crush! And yes, you will be playing as male character as well so if you have any problems with playing yaoi (anime porn genre which means"homosexual") games then most likely you should skip this one and search for something else about our website. And if you are still with us and willing to play it then get ready to explore your accomplice's body in order to not only to stirp him down but also to make him sexy while doing that. The order of your actions will actually define which one of three unique endings you will get but notice that one of them is regarded as the good one (the one where everyone will cum obviously)!

Assault of the Summer Art

23 December 18

This game is some type of indie project but it is about racing world including the driving and managment parts. But what should give you that rigth type the start you will have a chocie to play with sex scenes on or off! So if you are adult enough and you don't have any desire to buy in-game cars for double value your choice is obvious. But before you will get involved into any animated sexual situations you will have to proove that you are a winner because hot women always prefered guys who drive prompt cars and and have a lot of prize cash in their pockets. Gameplay of the race itself can make some time to get used to since it is produced from top-down perspective but this should not be a problem if you reminisce teh times of GTA2 was popular...

Micia the Catgirl - WIP - v0.8

1 May 21

Micia the Catgirl is not only hot looking character but also very whorish virtual girlfriend who - and this is quite ironic actually - prefers to have romp in doggystyle position. The story or dialogs in this game are down to the minimal so the absolute majority of time you will spend by enjoying virtual romp with all Micia in one of available positions. These romp scenes are crammed with a lot of micro animations which will allow you to enjoy them for as long as you will want to plus several customization options that make the gameplay process muchmore variable (or you can leave them for re-plays afterwards). And if you have enjoyed the general artstyle and performance then you should try our other and way more complex project"The Legend of Lust".

Pussymon 1.1

22 December 18

Pussymon (v.1.1) - Prologue New additions: • Names added in bag • 6 fresh Pussymons • 3 New quests • 2 easter eggs ----- If you like my work and want to help me create stuff more often you can support me on my patreon: There you can go after the feed and find special patreon content like cheats and other things. ----- Next Episode: Pussymon Episode 01 (v.1.2)

Pussymon: Episode 40

12 November 18

40th episode is quite a number for a series of fun adventures about nice and sexy pussymons yet here it is - just wait for it to upload and you may to continue your heroic saga! According to the title of this episode you are going to perform the personal request from the Queen which means that you simplyhave reached a certein level of respect inside the Pussymon Hunters Society but also will have to carry more responsibilities from now on - who knows what new types of pussymons you are going to face during this mission? Let's just hope that your venture spirit is strong enough to face all the dangers (no matter how sexy they will look like) in the name of your Queen! And don't forget to check our website for another episode which is going to be the Halloween special!

Pussymon: Vignette 01

21 December 18

The very beginning of one pretty long yet quite titillating path of a yuong hero in gathering collection of the most sexy looking and at exactly the identical time dangerous when it comes to battle furry creatures aka pussymons which afterward will be known as"The Pussymon Saga" and will get dozens and dozens of episodes (which you may look for at our wbeiste as well) packed with adventrues, humor, quests, exploration, turn-based battles, rpg-elements and many other fun things! This first-ever epsiode is the perfect way to start your own journey or if you already happened to be the fan and played each of the episodes then you may rewoke your sense of nostalgia and recall how it all has begun - either way it should be fun! Great luck and earn your place at Pussymon Hunter Society!

Micia the Catgirl v1.0

26 November 18

Meet Micia. She is a catgirl. And she is extremely promiscuous. But if this is your type of dolls you will be blessed to play with her a small bit for sure. Besides her looks you can check already in the main menu. Gameplay here is easy. You will get Micia and a bunch of settings. Some of them will change her facial expression while the other will let you to execute some specific sexual actions with her - just click on the button and enjoy! Don't forget that you can switch between several camera angles and find a very close look at her cock-squeezing fuckholes no matter are you likely to use them any time shortly or maybe not. Overal this game is simple and short but if you wil like it then don't forget to check our website where you can get a lot more manga porn games withs imilar gameplay!


Pornographic stars Dating Sim

23 December 18

"Pornstars Dating Sim" is quite classic game of it's genre - that you will begin with producing your avatar and giving it a collection of skills after which you will be trying to seduce hot looking ladies and in order to do that you will need to upgrade your skills and talents, earn cash and points by participating in different activities and so on. Having a certain schedule might help to organize the process but barely it will be possible to upgrade all the stats to teh maximum and to seduce each of the girls during just one walktrhough so try to stay focused on those of them that you personally would like to fuck and act properly. Figuring out what they like before making a stir is the strategy that will operate in both virtual and real worlds so keep that in mind!

Micia flexi

24 December 18

This game is once again will give you a chance to fuck Micia - uber-cute catgirl from a series of games that you can find on our website. This time she is going to trun you on by demonstarting her flexibility and more exactly by showing you that she can lick up her own vag with her long tongue to allow it to be wet enough for your huge red wood! Yep, your wood is red in this game as somehow it is connected to even bigger anime porn game"The Legend of Lust" (which you can also find and get from ou website). Just fool around and try different available choices and actions. Some of actions will make available more of other options so checking them all might take some time... just don't forge to finish it up with a messy money-shot all over this biotch Micia as she like sit!


23 December 18

Really short and very simple looking manga porn parody which non the less will let you to enjoy something new now as this parody will be on a very famous russian series of cartoons! And in case you happened to become familiar with the series"Three bogatyrs" then you will recognize some of it's main characters instantly. If you are not familiar with it... well, then you still can enjoy this rough orgy animation with scrawny russian chick that takes place outdoor - anyway there won't be any background story involved. And such as we alreayd said there have been a lot of parodies over popular anime and other animation series yet not so much of them show russian cartoons and therefore don't miss this opportunity to enjoy some exotics (unless you are from Russia yourself).

Homo Dreams: Pizza Supply

23 December 18

A game with a touch of homosexual relationships will tell you about the meeting of a clerk and a pizza delivery boy. Therefore, you are an ordinary clerk. You have returned home after a tough day at work. At home, food is scarce, and you decide to order pizza delivery. On the table you will find the phone number of the pizzeria. You set an order and wait for delivery. Half an hour afterwards, the doorbell rings. You open up and see a pizza delivery man. This can be a youthful stud with a jokey haircut. Pizza delivery costs $20, but you pay $30. The stud asks why you are so generous and you invite him to come into the house. After drinking a little beer, you sense that a sexual desire has arisen between you. You start tugging the stud's head. And then you kiss him on the lips. Your hands slide over his suit and take it off. Do you wanna start sucking a fat dick? If you love faggot games and jokey stories, then start playing at the moment.


Pussymon: Sequence 38

23 December 18

What's up guys, here's Pussymon: Episode 38, In this one I'm presenting a new mechanic Lumemonire's powers, because of her skills to recover lost memories, in this episode we gonna learn more about Claire's past and eventually detect what secret Kurge hides from her, this episode is also about Brimirny and her other"half", there's 7 new Pussymon available in this episode, one of them (the chief) is a new version of a precedingly released Pussymon, 4 new female characters, 28 new animations, new scenes with Claire, over than 600 lines of text/story and lots of revelations. You can download this and other episodes on my Patreon site: A cheat manager and a bonus episode featuring a new legendary Pussymon are available in the Sensational Editions. Fresh developments: - 7 new Pussymon (1 chief). - 28 new animations with many variations. - 8 new main quests. - Fresh mechanic: Lost memories. - 4 new female characters. - 12 new side quests. - Fresh episodes with Claire. - Over than 600 lines of text/story. - Fresh backstory: Claire and Kurge's past. - Fresh revelations in the story. Thanks to everyone who's supporting me in this project, next month, there's much more to come. Let me know if you find some error or bug, so I can fix it. Watch you afterwards.

MM Legends - Rock N Roll

23 December 18

Let's be honest - there are not so many Megaman themed anime porn parodies and games out there so whenever you will get the chnace to play even a simple minigame of this gnere you should not miss the opportunity... and guess what? You will receive such opportunity right here and now! Forget about the story or dialogs since here and now you will eventually see how preciselythis blonde chick was constantlydreaming to be treatened by her hero into his awesome blue battlesuit! As for the gameplay part then it is quite simple and everythingthat is needed from you is to enjoy the show and to activate new available actions whenever you are ready for it. Just do not forget to check our website for more of all anime and videogames anime porn parody content once you done here!

The Mr Pinku Game : LPV

23 December 18

A new game from MrPinku goes by the name LPV which still holds a some sense, and in reality is the short version of "Let's Play Vikings". It is a tale of three boys whose passion for excitement creates a total chaos in their lives that often occasions ends with pleasuers but never the less. Is this going to be one of these situations? We're not going to provide the answer to this query at this point! If you need to know the answer, there's is a simple way to answer it and that's to play the game! It's especially so since it contains all the elements that are typical of the MrPinku games intriguing art style as well as quest-based elements, interesting scenarios, wild humor, and a wildly unpredictable outcome! Yes, there could contain some sexually explicit content, so you should be wary.

18+ Con-Quest! Poké-con Part 1(Teaser)

9 October 18

It was supposed to be a day crammed with fun and happiness for all the fans of pokemons and cosplay yet it was ruined in one moment when an ancient witch decided to put everyone at the seminar in her slaves and use the event as a starting point for taking over the world. Luckily for the rest of the world there are still powers whose job is to prevent such things from happening and one of them is the magical order which you and your fucking partner are going to represent in this conflict. Arrive at the place and explore the halls of convention center, help the ones who needs help and spank the ones who wants spanking... and the fact that you will be fighting against hot looking cosplay chicks is something which you might consider as a bonus of your job!

SEP-Tabitha Poker

22 December 18

Beautiful and busty girl Tabitha is bored. She offers you a little fun and play a fun game. It is called unclothe poker. So look at the game screen. Then you have to bet. Tabitha will bet and then the game begins. The basic rules of the game are to get a higher card combination than a girl. You then win the round. As shortly as a beautiful and damnable sexy Tabitha runs out of currency, she will undress and put a lump of clothing as a deposit. Of course, you have to win to watch Tabitha completely naked. And then enjoy her gorgeous and big tits and edible cunt. So if you're ready, then let's start the fun right now.

Fappy Manhood

21 December 18

It's obvious from the name the game "Fappy Dick" is some sort of parody of another game called "Aracde" that you recognize as "Flappy Bird". The basic concept is identical, except this time you will help not just a bird but a flying cock in getting there and accomplish its task. What is the mission? We don't have an idea! But the further you be able to complete the task, the greater the prizes you'll get, which in our case would be an entire set of fantastic photos of hentai and erotica! The only thingthat is left to be mentioned prior to wishing youa good luck is that almost every control in this game are operated by spacebars, which you need to use to cause the Dick to flap. We wish you luck and a happy fapping... We mean happy flapping! we mean happy flapping!

FapMan: Adventures Throug

22 December 18

use wsad, qecz to budge around this minesweeper board, r to restart a level after you die, and n to start a fresh game when you are out of lives

Test Doggy Name

21 December 18

There is some problem on language selection. Play on Chrome. This is as special Halloween episode from such series starring multiple gals from previous series as this episode is at least twice bigger than usual. Despite great deal of Premium choices that are not available there

maid for you

8 October 18

In this interesting flash game you see a local city dude wakes up in his guest room in the daytime. He looks at the living room. Surely it shows up very cluttered. Lying on the ground trash. The horny dude believes it would not be bad to invite a cleaning services. He turns on the laptop and finds that the ad. A program is submitted by the dude and profits to do the job. The following day the doorbell rings. The brink is a cleaning lady. She has a gorgeous assets and a beautiful smile. She is invited by Even the dude and she starts cleaning. Definitely man truly wants to fuck a beautiful maid in her pink slit. He imagines how she will undress a girl to have rough intercourse with her. To do this you must interact with the game and apply the proper dialogue choices. If you are prepared to seduce a beautiful cleaning lady, start playing.