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2 October 22

The lifestyle of Santa County seemed to be so peaceful and serene that it is regarded as a dream that can be realized for every person. But if you happen be a young person who is looking for exciting adventures nearly every day, it could appear to be rather boring... but just until you look into the ground a bit and peek behind the perfect green lawns and white fences. It is possible that be in there, you'll discover something more exciting than you anticipated! That is, If you are a fan of story driven visual novels,you enjoy the slutty and attractive milfs, and don't mind that the storylines will become more complex and difficult as opposed to the typical "fuck them each one by one" and you're sure to be a fan of this game. Also, the CG art style is very nice here.

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6 multiрlу bу 2 аdd 8 multiрlу bу 4 =

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