Yellow Cards

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Yellow Cards

21 November 21

"Yellow Cards" A logical game that is themed around cards that requires you to move cards and shuffle them to form the most successful combinations. Additionally, you will get cash prizes in-game that will allow you to access new and better parts of a striptease-style show. If you're not sure the mechanics of the game it has a comprehensive explanation within the game. If you're a stripper this is the perfect game for you! You can also go to our website to see exciting and fun games, and the top striptease content.


8 June 18

Since it's fairly evident from the name already"Pokerpool" is really the combination of 2 games - get prepared to play with poker in billiard manner! And not a few standard poker however striptease (!) Poker with actual (!!) Sensual version! The idea is next - you and your sexy looking blonde enemy will be playing billiard only the nut in this game will be marked as playing cards. Each ball you will ship into pocket is going to wind up thecard in your arm and you should collect the best combination possible before your rival will do the same. If you'll find the finer mix you'll receive on another level... along with your hot enemy only she'll be dressed in less clothing than she had been dressed in in preceding around! How many rounds do you want to disrobe down her totally?