Yes Master

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Domination & submission Dungeon Monitor

18 March 19

Within this brief free-for-all adult game with nice toon images we've got sexy black-haired with appetizing and round cupcakes. Now you may be master and do anything you want with her assets. Use lots of devices to perform with her. She is able to provide you a great dt. Take her out of spunk inwards or her assets.

Yes Master

7 April 21

"YesMaster!" Is a sensual game created as a mixture of two genres - based observable publication and point and click on pursuit. As a result of visual book you may become not just colorific and entire prettily looking artstyle but also a narrative about youthfull lovely girl who had been having specific issues and to resolve that she got herself a mutt. She had been ambling her mutt at the park when a day that the mutt has run off and that is when the actual experiences has started because of our heorine. Attempting to locate her mutt she'll see various places and meet various personalities. In such places you'll have to resolve not really hard but nevertheless joy puzzles largely predicated on locating items and decently utilizing them someplace inwards the place. Ofcourse besides numerous jokey surprises there'll be several hot surprises also.

Pixie Victim

29 April 19

Although there was something wrong from the beginning, Erza Scarlet refused to turn down the offer of employment. It is one of those moments where she should have listened to her intuition rather than ignoring the fact that her master asked for it. As you'll see, this mission quickly turns into a complete mess! Yes, that's 'total mess'.