Photographer Porn Games

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Meet and Pound - Ocean Cruise

7 May 21

The story is based on the popular erotica series "Met and Fuck". The game will have you playing the role of Nick Sanders, the main character, who takes an ocean cruise. It's not a vacation. Nick is a photographer and his task is to snap twelve pictures to use in the calendar. The pictures will not be fish or landscapes however, they will include hot models! We've said that you shouldn't be expecting a short vacation. Before you can take the most interesting photos, you must ensure that you're able to handle every model you're working with. Prepare yourself for some mini-games!

Fuck Quest

27 May 21

As a photographer in magazines for adult readers, you'll have to be more than simply taking pictures of hot girls. The first step is to locate the girls. This requires you to travel out and look around the town. If you do find an attractive model enough to take a picture for you, you'll be required to pay them. That's why you should be on the lookout for opportunities to earn extra cash during your explorations. To make the next one even more exciting, take on quests and play mini-games.

Erotic Magazine

14 May 22

It's difficult to find an easier job than photographer for an Erotic magazine. One thing is to be the owner of your own erotic magazine! This was probably the thought of the protagonist in this story when he took the decision to start his own company. It's not an easy task and the outcome of your business is contingent on the number of decisions you make.

Meet and plow ocean cruise fucky-fucky journey

5 June 18

Is there a finer way to love the view and may beto entice hot looking ladies in lil swimsuit swimsuits other than to have an ocean cruise? Surely not! Nevertheless before you'll be considering exactly what cocktail you may commence the pickup therapy you need to remeber that you're not to vaca but due to the task - you're photographer and also the magazine has arranged a collection of cruise themed photographs for your fresh calendar. And as you have most likely already guessed setting the models into decent working mood will be something that you will spend the most of the time while everyone alse will be having their joy. But don't worry - if you will do everything decently then you are going to have joy afterwards! Best of luck!

Meet'N'Fuck: Ocean Cruise

7 April 21

A mission is received by young photographer Nick from Juicy Nipples magazine's editor-in-chief. Nick must select a cruise to a giant lining. His job would be to shoot photographs of beautiful women. To pick the year's surface. However, Nick is a dude that is cute. He understands that this chance can be used for hisbenefit. You need to aid the photographer triumph. So Nick ison the lining. He comes in the club and meets with a youthful and huge-titted dame called Sonya. And invites her to shoot a duo photos. It will be a sensual photo shoot. And then the dame will Nick and then undress take a duo of naked photos. However there are many women about the lining.. And now Nick determines to utilize the picture to have fuck-a-thon with all those women. Will he really be in a position to get this done? You get the reaction to this query if you finish this game.

Picture Perfect

4 March 23

You're required to live with three elderly women who happen to be your sisters due to the cruel and complicated ways that fate works. As photographer, you've come to recognize the beauty of female bodies and you can't go for a single day without contemplating it! Your primary goal now is to enjoy a great time with everyone, and to try to avoid making it worse!

Chara CardMaster

24 May 23

You appreciated gathering as well as trading cards your entire life as well as currently you are the proprietor of the card making business! Right here come the issues - in order to maintain your organization going you require to offer cards as well as for that you have to discover your target market. As well as what is offering the very best? Wonderful as well as warm anime women posturing hardly clothed - that's for certain! Handle your business as well as attempt to make as several models to function with you as feasible!